February Update   2.12.18

Wow, it has already been a crazy busy year!

Cookie and I just returned from the Inked Hearts convention at the Blue Lake Casino in Humboldt, California.

I finished some crazy beautiful pieces on some awesome clients, and had a blast in Northern California!

Only a bit over three weeks left until we take off to the Motor City convention in Detroit, Michigan.

Some super exciting news for you guys!

I will begin having a few spots for new client projects soon, so keep an eye on those email inboxes.

If you have not already, fill out my online consultation form to inquire for one of those spots!

If you are stumped on ideas, ask for a link to my drop box account that is home to my ongoing inspiration of ideas that I would absolutely love to tattoo!

Keep an eye out for updates on my Facebook and Instagram page.



January Update!!!   1.15.18

December was a super busy month for Cookie & I, as well as the rest of the Rebel Muse Crew!

We celebrated our RM Holiday party at Main Event, and had a BLAST. All majorly turning heads in our ugly sweaters. 

After eating waaay too much food, we laughed it out in a super vengeful round of white elephant.

For those who don’t already know, “white elephant” according to, is: A party where people (usually family, friends, or a combo of the two) get together and have a game where you unwrap, steal, and trade off presents never actually useful in real life.

I dunno, the gift I stole from Danny has been pretty useful in real life…

You already know that the Rebel Muse Crew bowling was super competitive, and then the arcade games!

Laser Tag to end the night, followed by redeeming our “Farts In a Can”, selfie stick, and other hilarious toys from the prize shop.

Only a few days after, Cookie and I were off to Australia for a little bit of business, and some much needed time off!

We went on long beach bike rides under the sun, and caught up with some dearly missed family.

It was a bummer to leave, we wish we could spend more time in Australia, but we are over our jet lag and ready to take 2018 by storm.

It is going to be another exciting and busy year for us!

I am stoked for the new project opportunities that I will be able to take on in the next few months, and for the chance to finish up some pieces that I have already been working on.

I will be tattooing at Inked Hearts Tattoo Expo & the 23rd Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo. Dates & locations of those:

Inked Hearts                                                                      Motor City

February 1-4, 2018                                                             March 2-4, 2018
Blue Lake Casino & Hotel                                                  Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center
Blue Lake, CA                                                                    Detroit, MI
Buy tickets for Inked Hearts using link below:                    Motor City Tickets only available at Expo                

To stay updated on what I am working on, and be notified of my LIVE sessions, follow my pages!

Facebook: @lizcooktattoos
Instagram: @lizcooktattoo
Snap Chat: @lizcooktattoo



It's almost December!   11.29.17

Cookie and I had a great Thanksgiving with family. We then carried on the fun and eating on Friday at the shop with a feast while clients waited for their Blackwork Friday tattoos. 

Speaking of, this year Rebel Muse put on our very first Blackwork Friday special, and it was a mega success!  Our talented crew was tattooing palm sized blackwork for $100!  We hope to bring the deal back bigger and better for next year, so you guys should definitely skip the shopping, and come get some ink with us.  

Only two more weeks until Cookie and I take off to Australia for some much needed leisure time! As I'm sure some of you saw, I did a Color Boost session on my lips and also my eyebrows in preparation for the trip.  I am excited because I save SO much time, and I definitely have my permanent makeup to thank for that.  

I hope you guys are enjoying my Facebook live sessions, I always appreciate the feedback!