Hey Guys & Gals!  Thanks for the interest! If you don't know what to get you can select the appropriate field below and we will send you a link to a folder with inspiration & concepts that I'd like to do.  Appointments for conventions may still be available. If you would like to try and get in with one of the other amazing artists at Rebel Muse instead, please click **HERE** .  If you would like to inquire about permanent makeup, realistic NAC tattoos, hair micro-pigmentation, or scar camouflage, or other not body art tattoos please click  **HERE** .  PLEASE DO NOT SEND AN INQUIRY THROUGH THIS PAGE IF YOU ARE NOT WANTING A BODY ART TATTOO. Thank you so much for the support!

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At home, I charge $250 hourly with a 6 hour minimum of $1500. Please read my FAQ page for more information on deposits.
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I do not take on cover ups unless they are extremely faint but can recommend a great Laser technician located very close to Rebel Muse.
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If so please select all that apply so we may coordinate our efforts to be as efficient as possible!
Artist Choice or Tell me a description of your tattoo concept. I don’t do traditional Japanese, Traditional American, Lettering/Script, Tribal/Polynesian or Bio-mechanical unless it is in a mix style tattoo. I do like Bio-organic, bio-abstract, Trash Polka, Color Abstract, Face Morphs, Watercolor Morphs, Black & Gray Realism, Color Realism, Hyper Realism, Portraits, Geo Inspired, Computer Animated Inspired, and Highly Rendered Art Translated into Tattoo Form.
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Not sure what to get but you really want a Liz tattoo? Here are some ideas for stuff that I'd love to tattoo or we can send you a link for the inspiration folder after we receive your inquiry!
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Only Saturday left for Harvest Moon and then I'm taking a break from tattooing at conventions for a while!
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